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VoIP is a technology built to harness the power of the interconnections in the computer networks to built a intranet or internet network to facilitate the users with voice communication without the need of a traditional telephone system

more about this topic is here:

Software based VoIP IP PBX

VoIP has a client and server

Servers are as described in the above mentioned article in the crackzhack system admin zone.

Here is a list of VoIP client software that allows you to connect to a specific VoIP voice server to make telephone calls.

The list of VoIP client software is as below:


3CX Phone System

3CXPhone - FREE VoIP Phone for Windows, Android and iPhone

3CXPhone is a free VoIP phone available for Windows, iPhone or any Android based smart phone such as Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid or Samsung Galaxy. Connect 3CXPhone to a VoIP provider or to a VoIP PBX (for example 3CX Phone System) to make calls to any VoIP, mobile or landline number.

Installing 3CXPhone is easy and only takes a few minutes. There is no licensing fee and you are not tied to a particular VoIP provider. You can download the version for Windows XP, Vista and 7 here. If you are using Android, you can download it from Google Play. The iPhone version is available via the Apple Appstore.


  • Available for Windows, Android and iPhone
  • On Windows choose from several popular phone interfaces
  • Automatically provision the settings
  • Multi-line
  • Transfer calls
  • Record calls to disk
  • Shows personal call log/history
  • Supports G.711, GSM and Speex codecs
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Supports standard USB and JABRA headsets (Windows)
  • Works with 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and popular VoIP providers

Official website: http://www.3cx.com/VOIP/voip-phone.html

Get the download link here:




Combining voice and video calls in a user-friendly interface, CounterPath's X-Lite 5 helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP.

The latest release of X-Lite provides a completely redesigned interface that allows for a contact-centric user experience, with the convenience of a pop-out dialpad. It also provides you with some of the most popular features of our fully loaded Bria and eyeBeam softphones so you can take them for a test drive before you make your purchase.

Whether you're having a simple voice conversation with a business associate, or an in-depth discussion with a colleague over video, you'll soon see why having a softphone on your desktop or laptop is the ultimate communications experience.

Official Website: http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html

Get the download Link here:

Older versions:


A comprehensive list of VoIP Service providers is also compiled here with as follows:

Peer to Peer Service

  • SWISS VOIP Service Provider - HI Ring Someone - The worlds' first virtually free VOIP platform to offer free and ultra-low cost international phone services with no contract and no monthly fee.Whether you are sitting down for a morning espresso in Hong Kong, a lunch date in Zurich or even dinner in Los Angeles, Hi Ring Someone offers free calling; anytime, anywhere.
  • VOIP Service Provider in India - Spectranet - leading Internet Service Provider Company in India offering VOIP Services in India, International Calling Cards, Prepaid VOIP Services, Business VOIP Services and all other affordable VOIP solutions in India
  • iVOIPE VOIP Service Provider in USA iVoipe is the leading next generation Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) providing mobile and fixed services that dramatically reduce the cost of roaming and international calling.
  • VOIP Service Provider in NYC,USA - Parcker Unified Communications a leading VOIP Service Provider Parcker Unified Communications located in NYC offering Wholesale and Retail VOIP Services , PBX Hosting, International Calling Cards @ lowest rates ever, Prepaid VOIP Services, e-Fax. Support Options either by Phone"T.1-855-OK-PARCKER", E-Mail "support@Parcker.com" Live Chat " https://parcker.com/UnifiedCommunications/l/chat.php " or Team Viewer.
  • Cyford Technologies LLC Sip Service provider based in USA, We offer the cheapest rates for voice termination VoIP Cyford Technologies LLC
  • mixnet.ua SIP service provider from Ukraine. Main services: Free In-Network Calls and Text Messaging, VoIP International A-Z
  • Alcazar Networks Inc. is offering Wholesale Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! We provide high quality, dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 1,200,000 DIDs - T38 - CNAM Publishing / Lookups - E911 Wholesale SIP (Added on 4-13-2011)
  • AllO.MD - VoIP services provider. Connect and call is easy
  • Amivox - Free VOIP accounts with free users to user calls. Very good price on global mobile network termination with premium quality. Multiple users can share the same balance. (Team account). Mobile application support.
  • Axvoice - A leading VoIP service in the U.S. and Canada offering unlimited calling plans that include free user to user calls.
  • Actio.pl Polish business class VoIP service provider for enterprise, contact center and call center clients. Free polish DIDs.
  • AirTouch Secure Peer to Peer VoIP Communications.
  • Amphone-africa - Free P2P phone, calling cards with competitive rates
  • Anveo offers Voice 2.0 Communication and Collaboration Suite with exceptional Visual Call Flow technology. Anveo's integrated Voice 2.0 VOIP, IM and Collaboration suite includes Anveo Communicator with Free Audio Calls, Free Video Calls, IM and more!
  • axon IT - UK-based IP telecoms services for SMEs and enterprise level companies. More about our small business VoIP solutions.
  • AZ-tel.com Established in 2003, A-Z Telecom Ltd is a Services-Based-Operator (SBO) at Hong Kong, We have direct E1 A-Z white route, and focus Aisa grey route and lowest rate, provide Hong Kong and China DIDs, Call Center Services, Broadcast services, Please email to kenneth.chan@az-tel.com or call +85231766068 MSN: kafai718@gmail.com for any enquiry.
  • Big Bang Systems - On Site and Remotely Hosted PBX Solutions for businesses with 50-500 employees.
  • Brama Telecom - VoIP Phone Service provides local phone service and flat rate long distance phone service. Unlimited phone calls within network.
  • Comtube Ltd - VoIP services provider. Sip, infor,ers, audioconferences, sms bulk sending. Free calls, cheapest rates.
  • Cheap VOIP, Inc.
  • VOIPHAUS.COM - VoIP services provider. Connect and call is easy
  • CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, Retail. We provide VoIP connection worldwide, we have the BEST A-Z rates. Special prices to USA and Canada $0.007 and lower, Direct Routes to many countries.
  • Call Shop We are leading providers offering call shop solutions. We offer our services to many businesses and residential clients who wish to make international calls. Visit us now to test our services.
  • Cliconnect - Canada - Brazil
  • ComCanada Communications Inc. Retail & wholesale origination, termination, toll free provider supporting P2P, SIP, IAX, hard to find DIDs, hosted PBX and more. Friendly, personalized, and turnkey services offered!
  • www.CompareBusinessProducts.com - Online resource library for the latest guides, white papers, webcasts and product information
  • Call Shop We are leading providers offering call shop solutions. We offer our services to many businesses and residential clients who wish to make international calls. Visit us now to test our services.
  • Cloud BT IT Support Sydney Provides and supports VoIP services for residential clients in Sydney, Australia.
  • Damaka - Skype-like application based on SIP
  • DIDLogic.com - Free SIP accounts - P2P, outbound A-Z, Asterisk or any generic SIP softphone supported, use Android or iPhone app, ulaw/G729 ok, Caller ID sent, international DID numbers from $1. Reasonable per-minute rates: many EU mobiles $0.04 to $0.09, India $0.0153, Kazakhstan $0.0131. Instant SIP account activation with just $1 Paypal deposit. Free unlimited SIP-to-Skype offered on all active accounts.
  • Divafone Free P2P phone - U.K. Italy and Romania DID number.
  • ECS-VoIP-INT VoIP Carrier, USA Termination, Dialers Welcomed, Call Center Services. We provide VoIP connection worldwide, Call Center Services,
  • Encounta, VoIP brandband provider for virtual operators : Ova-IP microgateway with internal LCR and prepaid features for global calling
  • Endstream Communications - Wholesale U.S. VoIP termination, DIDs, toll-free origination and termination, calling card services. More Information: endstream
  • FriendCaller With FriendCaller one can make free Internet calls and cheap phone calls straight from Internet browser. No Software Installation required. Offers cheap international call rates at as low as 2 cents per minute. Can be use on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Webphone, facebook and as a desktop version.
  • Future Nine
  • GagaPhone offers DIDs around the world as well as outbound call termination.
  • Gizmo Project, via SIPphone.com
  • Global Voice Carrier - International H323/SIP termination with a focus on South African routes
  • HATIFIl - VOIP Wholesale VOIP route trade Pakistan gray route Pakistan white route bangladesh white and gray route buy and sell routes, online route trade , VOIP route trade
  • HotTelephone.com has relaunched its FREE PC2Phone and Phone2PC service on the Asterisk Platform
  • HyperCube Telecommunications A true US wholesale Local Exchange Carrier and IXC. One of the largest Wireless and Toll Free Termination Carriers in the US. Wholesale DIDs and Sip Trunks.
  • IAXSERVICE.eu is a german based VoIP provider since 2006, offering A-Z termination. Supporting IAX and SIP protocol.
  • iCall offers free outbound long distance, free incoming calls and peer to peer calling.
  • ICOA.com Providing VoIP termination to custom VoiceXML Applications
  • IDVoice.com We are offering advanced features such as simultaneous ring, visual voice mail and conference. Make calls with PSTN phones, 3G/WiFi smart-phones, or ATA devices. Get one US/Canada DID number and let it "follow you" worldwide so never miss important calls. Free registration with trial credit.
  • INOV5.COM - PC to Phone, Phone to Phone, Calling Cards, SIP Configured ATA Devices, DID Provider.
  • Intellect IT provides Voice-over IP consultation, services and equipment.
  • Internet phone Service provider reviews - Reviews of uk internet phone service providers.
  • Intertel Australian VoIP Service Provider - DID, Voicemail, T38, 1300/1800, Asterisk, IP Centrix services, private IP tails, configuration and consulting.
  • IPBusinessFree P2P Phone Calls and pstn calls service, the best prices of call to Peru
  • ippi offers free geographical virtual number, free softphone, free voicemail, teleconference and fax2mail.
  • IPvaani enables phones to communicate over your existing broadband internet connection to make and receive phone calls for FREE.
  • ISPhone Australasia - a leading provider of Voice-over IP services and equipment.
  • IsraelNumber.com free in-network P2P phone calles, DID numbers in Israel, cellular access numbers, multi channels solutions, tansfer of calls to Skype users.
  • iTeraWeb Solutions, Inc. iTeraWeb's award winning voice and data communication services serves approximately 100,000 subscribers in small to medium sized business as well as residential markets.
  • Mobile VoIP Welcome to iTel Mobile dialer - One of the leading Mobile VoIP Software, VoIP Cellular, VoIP Dialer, Symbian VoIP application, Sip dialer, IP Telephony Calling Card and Call Back Service Provider Company.
  • IXO.FI - Service provider/reseller hosting solutions, CallShop , Calling Card, VoIP termination, DID +3589.., PBXs for Corporate and Residential customers.
  • JS Communicationswholesale provider offering toll free origination, us termination, dids and more.
  • Kiwak.net French Operator. Free Call, Voicemail, phone number geographical and number 09X
  • MaxiSIP Free SIP service, Free Long Distance Calls!
  • MediaRoutes Free SIP service, Free Long Distance Calls and more!
  • Mixnet Ukrainian SIP service provider with 800.000 landline numbers (+380894 non-geographic network code) in it's disposal. Main services: Free In-Network Calls and Text Messaging, VoIP International A-Z
  • MIXvoip - Free mixvoip2, mixvoip calls, and free calls to a multitude of numbers in ENUM trees. Our free, top-of-the-line softphone solution runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. We offer P2P solutions for residential, and small to medium businesses.
  • myAsterisk South Africa SIP/H323 Termination of GSM calls to all Networks in South Africa!
  • myDivert - P2P SIP URI
  • N1 Telecom VoIP and VPN Service provider. We offer the cheap rates. No contracts.
  • Net-Telco - UK VoIP and telecommunications provider. SIP and IAX2 trunking. UK telephone numbers. Wide range of services. Excellent pricing. No contracts.
  • Net-Work Inernet Ltd - Internet, ISP, VoIP and telecommunications. One of the first ISP's in the UK established 1996.
  • Newik.net Provide VoIP connection worldwide. Free calls to China mobile and landline, landline UK, USA, Canada, Moscow, St-Petersburg. 30 days money back guarantee.
  • NimbleCalls.com Nimble Networks Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian Licensed VOIP Service Provider - A-Z Wholesale termination, Hosted IP-PBX, SIP accounts with realtime online call history, Calling Cards, DIDs, Asterisk supported, System integration, Free branch to branch calling, Products like IP-phones, ATAs, media gateways and SIP mobile (iphone & android) applications. (Added on 12-05-11)
  • North Sydney IT Provides peer-to-peer VoIP services and support for Australian business.
  • nfon.net German VoIP/PBX service provider for business.
  • OnSIP SIP Service service for business. Free sip calling with sip domain hosting, free extensions and more.
  • PackNet - Business VoIP provider delivering professional and reliable telephony services throughout the UK. More information on business phone systems
  • PeerCall - A hardware phone with peer-to-peer service
  • PeerioBiz - serverless peer-to-peer package for small-medium size business => version 1.1 Beta is a current release
  • Phone-Numbers-UK.com - Providing VoIP Numbers. (12/03/2010)
  • PhoneGnome - Free P2P SIP calls. Web-based, PC-based, and hardware (BYOD or custom box). Cheap VoIP-PSTN calls.
  • Phoneopia FREE p2p Calls and pstn calls service
  • Phone Power - Free calls in the USA and Canada, cheap international rates and portable service.
  • PotatoBoy.COM - free peer to peer phone calls via SIP/IAX2 phone. Also provide quality service to call landline or mobile phones, Click&Call Service, and worldwide phone numbers.
  • Powwownow - using P2P technology to provide excellent free webconferencing service.
  • Quickcom Communications VoIP Wholesale Service Provider.Provide A-Z Standard, premium and CLI rates. following thirteen Destinations are our Direct/CLI Routes Thailand, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jordan, Laos, Germany, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Singapore ,Kazakhstan.
  • Quivoice Free P2P communication, regular PSTN phone calls low rates.
  • Race Communications Making advanced communications available and affordable
  • RAKETU Free, NO SUPERNODES,dialup/broadband, softphone, bridge to Skype,any IM, SMS, ftp, search, travel, news/weather/stock, media player,picture viewer, true p2p technology, RakOut/DialOut calling.
  • RoboDialer VoIP VoIP Service Provider SIP for wholesale outbound termination to USA and Canada. Designed for predictive dialer, telemarketing calls and SIP Call Centers. Encrypted VoIP Tunnel to bypass firewalls. No fees / extra taxes,Pay Per Call, No Contracts RoboDialer.net(Added on 5-20-2012)
  • Runmapglobal.com - The VOIP Service Providers which is also well known for cheap VPS hosting products including Windows VPS , cPanel VSP Hosting and more with excellent customer support.
  • Remitel - Spanish VoIP provider, long distance calls at low cost rates.
  • SendMyCall SendMyCall offers international and local virtual numbers for advanced call forwarding.
  • SIP Global Phone SIP Service Provider - Pay As You Go - and International Calling Cards. Limited Time Offer - Get 100 Free Minutes for creating a FREE account! 10/2010
  • SIPmly offers termination & origination at $0.01 per minute and DID's for $1.00 per month all with unlimited channels / concurrent calls. We additionally provide all customers with access to our RESTfuly API. We invite you to participate in a free trial account.
  • SIPRoutes.com - At SIPRoutes.com we have pioneered a new way to source SIP Termination providers. Put the control in your hands. Peer-To-Peer marketplace.
  • SIPSERVICE.eu Swiss based VoIP provider offers worldwide call termination. Supporting SIP and IAX protocol. SIPSERVICE is one of the oldest VoIP companies serving more than 100.000 customers worldwide since 2005. Supporting call recording and T.38.
  • SKM Ltd.free P2P phone calles, DID numbers in Ukraine, Russia, cellular access numbers, multi channels solutions, RoamingSIM.
  • Skype was owned by eBay now Microsoft, one of the best known and largest p2p VOIP services
  • SkySipTel.com VoIP Services - VOIP Service provider for residential, small business and large corporates - Free minutes to any destinations on signup.
  • SunTel Technologies Inc. Business Phone System, Digital PBX, Hosted PBX , Telecommunications Consultants, Business Phone Service, Hosted IP Voice, SIP, IAX, and more. YOUR COMPLETE BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM.
  • TELEQUANT P2P - PC to Phone, PC to PC, Free SIP calls.
  • Telehop - VOIP Provider, SoftPhone Provider and long distance provider in Canada.
  • Total Call IP - P2P VOIP
  • Tpad Business Telephone Systems SIP Trunks, SIP Trunking, PC to PC, PC to Phone, VoIP to VoIP, SIP to SIP, IAX2 to IAX2, Free SIP calls and Free Global SIP Number.
  • Vitelity Communications While SIP trunks, Industry's first SMS service, and FAX with more value added features than anyone else
  • Vocal Solution Wholesale VoIP Route provider for SIP and H.323, Special economy and White routes available for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal. Sri Lanka and A to Z available for Retail voip providers
  • Tribair Free iPhone, Android and Blackberry app. P2P VoIP and cheap calls
  • UBI P2P VoIP Services - P2P VoIP with cutting edge solutions.
  • VoiceTermination.com - At Voice Termination we address what is most important to ILECs, CLECs, and ITSPs. Price, Quality, Redundancy, Accuracy, Support, And Ease Of Use. Our service offers ALL major interconnects, LRN, and Least Cost Routing capabilities.
  • VoIP Innovations VoIP Innovations is a Wholesale VoIP Services Provider, interconnected with the industry's top telecommunications carriers. VoIP Innovations provides high quality and low cost VoIP services to ITSPs and resellers through our unique industry leading backoffice, Titanium III. Titanium III provides you with online access to the industry's largest footprint and number warehouse.
  • VoIPInvite Inc VoIP Service Provider supporting SIP and H323 protocol for wholesale outbound termination to USA and Canada. $0.005x flat rates for retail calls $0.007x for predictive dialer / telemarketing calls with 6/6 billing. No fees / extra taxes, no Intrastate surcharges, no LNP dipped surprise charges, 1 npa nxx 1 rate or flat rate. Wholesale VoIP made easy and simple. POPs in USA and Canada. Like us on facebook ->http://www.facebook.com/pages/VoIPInvite-Inc/268363667785 Added on 01/01/2012.
  • VOIP Phone Provider
  • VoipPlus Wholesale termination provider, predictive dialer, call center, vicidial, hosted pbx, a2billing, hosted predictive dialer and call center.
  • VoIP Phone Services Wide range of VoIP/SIP call services, call plans and minutes from VoIPon. More information on free services with VoIP minutes..
  • VoIP Service Providers Bangalore,India IP Momentum is a next generation VoIP services provider that delivers comprehensive VoIP solutions
  • VOIP Tech - www.voipt.net Call Center Services, and VOIP Solutions Provider. One of the Rapidly Growing Call Center in Pakistan, Australia, UAE, USA, UK.
  • http://www.voiceall.com/voip_termination - Wholesale VoIP Termination Service for Carriers, Service Providers, Resellers, Call Centers, Call Shops, Business users and High volume usage end customers.
  • VOXGATE.BIZ free in-network P2P phone calles, DID numbers in UK, free PSTN calls. Very attractive rates.
  • Vphonet - Free calls to other users, free advanced softphone
  • VOIP Essential offers high quality SIP termination services to businesses in the US and Canada. We specialize in dialer traffic and provide amazing flat rate plans to low/high volume call centers and enterprises. We also provide hosted predictive dialers and Press-1 dialers at unbeatable rates. Get started today! Contact us on 1(855)455VOIP or visit www.voipessential.com
  • Xircomm We are offering A-Z and direct routes termination for more than 30 countries around the world in different type of quality suitable for Retail and Wholesale companies.
  • Zoonte Click&Call - free peer to peer phone calls via SIP phone. Bottom rate calls to landlines or mobile phones.
  • VOLS-Invest.RU - The VOIP Service Providers in Russia Federation.
  • VOIP Service Provider in NYC,USA - Parcker Unified Communications a leading VOIP Service Provider Parcker Unified Communications located in NYC offering Wholesale and Retail VOIP Services , PBX Hosting, International Calling Cards @ lowest rates ever, Prepaid VOIP Services, e-Fax. Support Options either by Phone"T.1-855-OK-PARCKER", E-Mail "support@Parcker.com" Live Chat " **https://parcker.com/UnifiedCommunications/l/chat.php " or Team Viewer.

VoIP over 3G/4G Networks

  • Live-TechVoIP Over 3G/4G Networks | Installation Of 3G/4G Networks, Hardware | VoIP Networks & Hardware | Sales Service & Support | VoIP Service Provider | DID SIP Toll Free Numbers | VoIP PBX | TalkSwitch | Full Services Company |
  • Mydivert.com VoIP DID Provider offers local VoIP DID Virtual Phone Numbers. A low cost virtual international telephone number with free incoming calls and call forwarding for 3G/4G Networks
  • Cytalk.com CY.TALK® provides Premium quality internet telephony, call forwarding, conference calls, sms, phone numbers, voice mail, cheap calls
  • Svanto.net Delivering voice over the 3G/4G network. Users can be called and make calls over the 3G network.
  • Voiptimizer is for smart phones with 3G/4G/Wifi connectivity. Users receive their calls on VoIP, to same airtime, only if the data connection is perfect. Calls will be forwarded to the actual line if data connection is poor.
  • Clearwire provides their own full-featured VoIP service exclusively set to work with their 4G & 3G Internet services in the United States
  • Papatel is a FREE long distance services from USA to rest of the world, each week you have some minutes to use, really is 100% FREE

Wi-fi GSM VoIP Providers

  • Actio.pl Polish business class VoIP service provider for enterprise, contact center and call center clients. Free polish DIDs.
  • AGC IT Services High level enterprise VoIP builds and IT services.
  • AirTouch Provides Enterprise VoIP products and services.
  • Care Telecom Turn your mobile into an office extension with WIFI VOIP from Care Telecom
  • CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, Predictive Dialer, Call Center Services. We provide VoIP connection worldwide, Call Center Services, Calling Card, eFax, Broadcast services, we have the BEST A-Z rates. Special prices to ALL USA and Canada $0.0095 and lower NPA/NXX Billing Codes from 0.0039.
  • FönSWiTCH - VoIP service provider for Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, SIP, IAX2, Elastix, trixbox CE, FreePBX, etc - Provides IP PBX and SIP solutions & service to Residential, SoHo, and SMBs.
  • FAHR TELECOM Full service VoIP provider (videophones, equipment, centrex, IP PBX, SIP IAX Accounts) worldwide.
  • Free VoIP Services iptelephony.gr is a Greek Website that offers free VoIP Services to users in order for them to get started with VoIP. Some of the services are: free VoIP number, free number for incoming calls, Voice mail and more..
  • CallShop We are leading providers offering call shop solutions. We offer our services to many businesses and residential clients who wish to make international calls. Visit us now to test our services.
  • VoIP India VoIP International calling services offer by Spectranet.
  • Hosted SyncSwitch Service Hosted SyncSwitch does support GSM, G711, G723, G729 and many other codecs
  • http://pennywellvoice.com Pennywell Voice is based in the United States and offers SIP origination and termination, Local and toll free DIDs, and e911 services to small businesses with very low prices and commitments
  • Tpad WiFi, GSM, SIP Trunking, SIP Gateway Provider Next-Gen SIP Trunking, SIP-based media gateways. UK based VoIP IP PBX telephone systems. Affordable pricing, Fortune 500 phone features. Free Call Recording. PRI, BRI, PSTN, ISDN, SIP, IAX2 high connectivity. UK based customer care centre.
  • http://www.triumtele.com TriumTeLe.com Mobile VoIP Internet telephony and virtual IPCENTREX
  • http://www.astonucs.comVoIP, SIP Trunking, PBX, Dialer
  • http://www.cytco.net The low cost VoIP PBX solution in the Middle East , Call Center, IVR , CRM and VoIP equipments (Iran)
  • http://www.jetnumbers.com JetNumbers provides virtual phone numbers from all over the world. The calls can be forwarded to any international destination, including a call center, a regular phone line, a SIP phone or even Skype. Free trials are available
  • http://www.jscommunication.us VoIP Provider. wholsale toll free origination, dids, us termination, licensed 214 carrier.
  • http://www.routeme.net Route Middle East is Egyptian Company based in Canada & Dubai. RouteME is the Main Direct Provider For Egypt white , Middle East Countries,with Direct Interconnection with 5 LDI's on 5 countries on Asia Reigon Pakistan -Bangldish-India-Srilanka ...... RouteME is specialized to work with Retail / Wholesale Carriers around the globe.RouteME offer NEXTONE [NEXTPOINT] portioning.sales@routeme.net /hazzem@routeme.net.
  • http://www.silatel.com WIFI/GSM/VoIP hardware and software products. Also support and consulting in the EU
  • http://www.vocalpulse.com Vocal Pulse provides VoIP services such as Call Plans & VoIP minutes. We also provide PBX solutions for SMBs.
  • http://www.voice.vpweb.com Providing Enterprise VoIP, Secure Telephone Services, SIP / IAX peering, Residential and Small Business clients
  • http://www.voiceoverippbx.com Network Services Group provides hosted VoIP services and equipment.
  • IKALL TELECOM ATOZ PROVIDER , Quality service provider with Premium routes and rates. visit www.ikall.net
  • IP Gear Qualmax Inc Manufacturer of AES Encrypted VoIP gateway in 4,8,16 port analog and 1,2 T1/E1 for the SMB market. Full service VoIP provider (equipment, billing solutions and direct routes) including Termination Partnerships worldwide.
  • IPsmarx Technology, Inc. GSM Solution Provider, GSM Hardware Provider, International Wholesale VoIP Provider, Turn-Key VoIP Solution Provider
  • IPtransit SME, Call Centre;s, Military, Corporate provider. Sip, H323, SIP URI, Inbound, LoCall Plans, PC and Mobile Phone clients, fring, well suited to VSAT, SCPC, ADSL, DSL, even Dialup and other contended bandwidth clients, 723.1, &29, 711 and true T38, Calling cards and GSM Gateways, BYOD welcome, test accounts.
  • Iristel 100% Canadian Telephone Company. Unlimited Extended plan from $15.95. Iristel seamlessly bridges the gap between IP networks and the PSTN via IP Trunking. Iristel's VoIP solution is ideal for Calling Card, VoIP carriers, CLEC's, Asterisk owners and virtual carriers requiring local service within Canada. Iristel also offers virtual T.38 faxing solutions both inbound & outbound as well as FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) solutions for roamers that don't want to pay the roaming fees.
  • miniPBX ""The"" low cost VoIP PBX solution in the UK. Fully configured and managed. Small on size big on features.
  • MIXvoip - Full service VOIP provider with KIAX softphone solution. Consultancy and support.
  • Mydivert.com Wi-fi GSM VoIP Providers offering local VoIP DID Virtual Phone Numbers. A low cost virtual international telephone number with free incoming calls and call forwarding
  • Net-Voice UK based VoIP PBX systems. Affordable pricing. Impressive features. Excellent quality. PSTN, ISDN, SIP, IAX2 connectivity. UK support centre.
  • Opomi Free calls / minutes to 26 destinations. Cheap calls. 2 free trial calls. Opomi provides the best calls at the lowest prices.
  • Radiant Resources, Inc.
  • Route323 Route323.com Free VoIP Marketplace
  • SKM Ltd. Full service VoIP provider and integrator (videophones, equipment, centrex, IP PBX, SIP IAX Accounts) worldwide.
  • soho-voip-phone.comVoip phone, VoIP PBx servers, Digium cards, IP Phones and VoIP Equipment for any VoIP Deployment Accessories and more at Direct factory prices - soho-voip-phone.
  • Talkfree Telecom Wholesale VoIP Provider, A-Z rates, GSM / SIP, 1legcall / Zonefone mobile dialer software, Billing Software, etc.
  • VIPN - Voice Internet Phone Network GSM Wi-Fi Mobile phones with VoIP embeded.
  • Vocal Solutions Wholesale VoIP Route provider for SIP and H.323, Special economy and White routes available for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal. Sri Lanka and A to Z available for Retail voip providers.
  • VoIP Mobile resource Mobile PBX and MBX online resource
  • VoIP Phone Service Call from anywhere in the world where you have access to a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi). No roaming charges, no wires!
  • VoIP Resource Business VoIP mobile resource
  • VoIP Service, VoIP Providers VoIP lets you make calls through your computer, sometimes for free. Learn how VoIP works, find reviews of VoIP phones and learn how to make free VoIP calls.
  • http://www.vpn3000.com this is a low cost service to allow VOIP calls with ISPs that block voip, it may also improve your upload speed since with using a vpn it bypasses the ISP QoS rules, it also allows privacy for VOIP calls, the VPN is based on SSL, it supports, Windows, Linux, and Macs, and any platform that can run openvpn, it works for all voip calls SIP, IAX, and skype.
  • Hosted Contact Center Spectranet offers hosted contact center solutions.
  • free government phones --a government assistance program that reduces the phone bill for qualified consumers.

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