How to create your blog with your own domain in less than 45 minutes even if you have a zero web design experience    



How to create your blog with your own domain in less than 45 minutes even if you have a zero web design experience






Thank you for reading this ebook right now.




When blogging has become so popular in 2006, I just realized that most of my friends have their own blog. They share their insight into their day-to-day existence at work, at home or their insights into topics of interest and current events in blogs. And some of my friends who is doing freelancing, they became famous” because of their blogs. All for a sudden, a lot of customers called from all over the world and their business are booming. Amazing, huh?



I feel that I was so outdated because I dont have a blog. Although I have a degree in I.T, but I didnt really ever get into that field since graduated. So when I started learning how to create a blog, I also started from scratch. Every day, after work, I scarified my TV times, happy hours, sitting in front of my laptop surfing internet, doing research and learning from mistakes.



As a saying goes, to do what you love to do, you will never feel work again. I feel exactly the way. The more I learned about internet marketing, the more it intrigued me to learn more

and do more.  Finally, I launched my own very first personal blog www.ebhakt.info in November 2008.




To my surprise, after I launched my blog, a lot of friends came to me and asked me how to create a blog like mine. *hikhikhik* I am not so outdated now.



Therefore, I decided to write this ebook to share with you how I created Bhaskar-Tiwari step by step and I believe, in one way or another, this ebook can be a good reference and help new starters to take ACTION. If Bhaskar can do, so do you!



I dedicate this ebook to you, the reader and learner. You are my inspiration.




This ebook is suitable for those who very GREEN on internet marketing; dont know what to do and how to start from scratch to add a blog to website to BOOST your online and offline business, if you are:-


    Business Owners; Entrepreneur


    SOHO (Small Office, Home Office)









1. What is Blog?


A blog is basically just a web site. There are three key differences between traditional website (homepage) and blog:-



    Blog is extremely easy to add information to it. A blog is like an online journal, so you just log in, type what happened today, post it and it is done.



    You can add a simple little feature that automatically tells a whole bunch of other website that you have made an update to your blog every time you make a Tiwarige.



    There is a comments” system that allows bloggers to have conversations” with their readers by allowing visitors to post their own comments or views on the topic of discussion.




2. Why blogging is now an important tool for YOUR online business?


    Reach a wider audience


    Boost your revenue


    Generate better search engine ranking


    Develop relationships with your audience through open communication


    Build a community of interested followers


    Humanize your business and let your potential customers feel comfortable buying from you.


    Establish yourself as a leading expert in your industry


    Blogs offer easy-to-use, cost-effective web publishing and content management tools.




3. Why You Need to Purchase a Domain Name and Avoid free” Domains?


Your domain name will be your blogs address on the Internet, so it is crucial that you choose the right one. A domain gives the public a hint of what they will find at your site. If the domain name relates to your or your companys name or brand, it makes your site that much easier to find.


That is why you MUST get your own unique domain name, like www.[YourName].com; www.Bhaskar-Tiwari.com . If you get it free from a web hosting company, your domain name will includes the companys name (e.g., www.YourWebHost.com/yoursite ).



I dont encourage you to useFree” domain unless your objective of creating a blog is just to create a platform to share your journal with your offline friends.



The reasons to avoidFree” domain and started with your own domain are:-



    Your domain name is easy to remember; Your customers always know how to get to your site;


    It can entice people surfing the Web to visit your site before someone elses.


    You can easily move your site to another host while keeping your domain name;


    No web host companys advertisement on your website;


    You can easily customize your look and web template at your wish…








1.  Choose And Register A Domain Name


One of the first steps of designing and building a website/blog is choosing and registering a domain name like www.[Yourname].com



However, you have to check if your domain name is still available before you can register it. You can check  HERE




“Is Available! Good! You can register it now.





2.  Choose the Web Hosting Services Plan


There are many companies provide web hosting service. When you choose a web host provider, the service is always the key factor you should look at. . I have done a lot internet research before I chose Dreamhost.



The reason I choose Dreamhost is because of their reliable service, they have great customer service available 24 hours a day. Their uptime is 99.98% and they have super- fast connectivity and made my webpages were loaded quickly. Secondly, their price is

also compatible.








In 2006, I signed up the Dreamhost’ Basic Hosting plan for 2 years at USD166.8 (USD6.95 per month). Today, the price still remains as same as it was in year 2006. However, they offer more benefits for their customer.




For new starter, Basic Hosting Plan is more than enough.




You get  (Basic Hosting Plan):-


-     Free Domain Name for Life (i.e. www.[YourName].com)


-      350GB Storage (has been upgraded from 250GB to 350GB)


-     3500GB Bandwidth (has just been upgraded from 2500GB to 3500GB)


-     Includes 10 Free Add-on Domains


-     Unlimited Databases


-     Unlimited Email / FTP accounts


-     Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery


-     Free Web Design Templates


-     Webmail


-     ..



DreamHost proudly hosts more than 500,000 sites running WordPress at their core.  From bloggers to businesses, WordPress is the swiss army knife of web apps. We’ll install it, keep it up-to-date, and keep you online. Learn more!



To learn more about their offer, you can check it out at http://ebhakt.com/content/products/web-hosting/dreamhost-coupon-50-rebate-yearly-payment-first-time-users .  



Once you sign up their web hosting plan, they will send you an email to confirm your order along with your username & password.





3.  Install the WordPress




3.1 What is WordPress




WordPress is recognized as one of the most popular and powerful blogging tools. It is an open source application that anyone can download for free.

More On How to blog with wordpress can be found at the Word Press Blogging guided tutorial here ::

WordPress Training Video Series: /thepost/desktop/theory/blogging/wordpress/training/

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