Windows Server


Networking\SMB\File transfer fails over network with network related errors    



Networking\SMB\File transfer fails over network with network related errors


Networking\SMB\File transfer fails over network with network related errors




> Take network trace at the client and the server

> reproduce the error


> Take a trace of both sending and receiving computers during the failure and the success...?

> obtain a diagram of the network layout and Active Directory Structure...?






The following tools or content are available to expedite troubleshooting of this


Note: This solution contains a list of troubleshooting steps that may assist in

resolving many symptom-specific issues. Please also continue to leverage your local

resources for additional assistance.


1. Examine simultaneous network traces gathered from both client and server. Look

for packet loss on the network evidenced by multiple retransmissions. If the

maximum number of retransmits is reached by either the client or server, the TCP

session will be reset and the file copy will fail. The default maximum number of

retransmits is 5, and is governed by the registry value TcpMaxDataRetransmissions

in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters


2. If the SMB connection is being reset, determine whether the client, the server,

or an intermediate network device is initiating the reset. If there are no resets,

but the server is failing to respond, the server is most likely experiencing a

performance problem.


3. Examine the network traces to determine if the TCP receive window is being

dropped substantially by the target machine. If the advertised window size drops

steadily on the server, this indicates that it is unable to handle the volume of

data the client is sending, and is caused by the server running out of resources.

If the receive window size is dropped to zero, the session will be reset and the

file copy will fail.


4. Update all the NIC drivers on client and the server to the latest versions

supplied by manufacturer, and set network cards and switches to manually specify

speed and duplex settings instead of auto-detect. It is very important that the

settings on all components must match. Verify that the NIC, protocol and provider

used most often appears at the top of the protocol and provider binding order list.

Verify that Web Client Network is moved to the bottom of the Network Providers



5. Boot to Safe Mode with Networking and test to see if the issue is still present.

If not, use Msconfig to disable all non Microsoft services on the service tab of

the Msconfig dialog. Then reboot the client back into normal mode. If the issue

goes away then you can enable the third party services one at a time followed by a

reboot until the issue occurs again to locate the problematic service.


6. If you experience intermittent issues with SMB file copies and the client is

running Windows Vista, make sure the smb.sys driver has the update from 931770



931770 The copy process may stop responding when you try to copy files from a

server on a network to a Windows Vista-based computer





Additional Links:


SMB - specific support aliases: ptsmesmb@microsoft.com

<mailto:ptsmesmb@microsoft.com>; smbtalk@microsoft.com

<mailto:smbtalk@microsoft.com>; smbinfo@microsoft.com



SMB Protocol Troubleshooter -



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that is running Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003



321543 Slow Network Performance After You Promote a Windows 2000-Based Server to a

Domain Controller



321169 Slow SMB performance when you copy files from Windows XP to a Windows 2000

domain controller



839231 File copy operations to a DFS share perform slowly in Windows Server 2003 or

in Windows XP









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